As flooding becomes more common in areas where that type of natural disaster has been historically rare, it is smart to prepare not only yourself and your family, but your business as well. Many of our clients put together plans that allow for them to get their computer operations back up and running within 24 hours of declaration of an emergency. There’s plenty of planning that takes place and tests run to prove to a client whether they are in “good shape” or “bad shape.” Our clients look to us to provide them with thought-leadership through our offerings and partnerships. So let’s go over how disaster recovery meets business resilience and continuity.

For some, disaster recovery and business resilience are synonymous. At Volta, we view them as separate entities. Every time you read the news, you see all sorts of disaster scenarios. Floods have become more prevalent. California’s faults have earthquakes every day. Natural disasters that cause human suffering as well as acts of terrorism abound. We typically run through exercises to help us plan and think about how we might mitigate a potential business-changing event. Subsequently, you just never really know what could happen. Even down to the death of a coworker or a freak fire.

In all cases, your business needs a reasonable written plan. Volta thought ahead about some typical things that could happen and made sure that we had at least a process to deal with them, and insurance to handle them if we needed it. This whole idea is about risk mitigation. Determine how to act ahead of time before the crisis actually happens. Small business owners are the most at risk. There only a few key people, and they’re usually spread thin doing multiple jobs for an organization. At Volta, we document all the key relationships and processes well enough now that we can weather any storm.

To conclude, I encourage you to take a moment, think about some things that could happen, and document a process to keep business flowing and up and running. One of the biggest ways Volta can help is by providing a way for you to protect your data in the event of a disaster. We are partnered with Recovery Point to make disaster recovery simple, affordable and achievable. Disasters come and they are never on a schedule! Make a plan. Do it.