Tolerance for downtime is slim to none.

Businesses are expected to achieve faster recovery times than ever before. Wherever your data lives, it needs to be kept safe from loss, corruption, or compromise.

Data Management

The amount of data created and stored is growing at an unprecedented rate, which can make it harder to protect. Today’s data protection must also support effective data lifecycle management. Volta implements tools that automate the movement of critical data to online or offline storage. We also help clients build strategies for valuing, cataloging and protecting information assets.

Traditional Backup and Recovery

An effective, auditable backup system and a tested disaster recovery plan are musts for every organization. Depending on the unique infrastructure components of your business, disk-based storage arrays or tape can be strong options for data protection. Volta designs backup strategies to keep your data safe and available so your organization can operate on the highest industry level.

Offload DR testing and environment replication onto our engineers with Disaster Recovery as a Service

Backup and Recovery DRaaS Managed IT
Disaster Recovery as a Service

Snapshot Technology

Replication or snapshot technology has gained popularity over more traditional backup solutions. Our enterprise-level storage partners have snapshot technologies built into their solutions, so you can choose from a variety of software-defined platforms to modernize your IT storage. We suggest regularly scheduled and automated backups that create immutable copies.

Let Volta’s service team oversee the creation of continuous immutable backups for your environment with our Cyber Recovery as a Service offering

Backup and Recovery CRaaS Managed IT
Cyber Recovery as a Service

Copy Data Management

Larger organizations might have duplicate datasets stored across different locations. This complicates compliance and creates issues like higher storage costs. You’re spinning your wheels if you’re securing one dataset when a duplicate is out there unsecured. Copy Data Management (CDM) detects duplicate data and allows administrators to delete unused copies, which reduces the overhead required to store and manage data.

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