Leverage the power of your data.

With the ever-increasing amount of data being generated, businesses need effective tools to extract meaningful insights and automate processes.


Traditional IT has long struggled with pinpointing the root cause of performance issues across the entire datacenter and user community. Observability is rapidly being adopted by industry leaders to speed time to resolution, and to provide IT experts with a toolset for immediate insight into where an application is experiencing issues. Observability tools reveal data all the way from the server through the network and internet, down to the user’s device.  

The shift to observability signifies a move from siloed monitoring to comprehensive insight into system health and performance. Observability brings data, analytics, and metrics to the forefront, surpassing traditional capabilities. 

Volta consults on several industry leading observability tools with crucial features like:  
  • Telemetry data collection methods 
  • Data visualization capabilities 
  • Application performance monitoring features 
  • Anomaly detection using machine learning 
  • Actionable insights for business analytics 

Process Automation

Volta’s automation consultants use industry leading tools and partners (Ansible, Kubernetes, AI-powered scripting) to significantly aid your automation journey. Whether you are looking for help to automate day-to-day tasks in a traditional datacenter, or to embrace automation as you make containerization and the cloud a reality, Volta can help with customized services to accelerate your journey. 

Benefits our clients have seen: 
  • Lightning-fast execution enhances automation tasks and configuration management.  
  • Utilizing automation analytics from content tools ensures efficient IT operations and security systems.  
  • Active participation in open source communities drives continuous delivery and insights. 
  • Subscription models offer IT managers support during their technology preview phase. 
  • Support for a robust partner ecosystem is provided through an automation mesh. 

There are some initial steps you can take to ascertain whether your infrastructure is ready to implement process automation software. Complete a short survey to gauge where your organization is at. 

Next Gen Infrastructure Consulting

By parlaying our skills with automation, orchestration, and observability, Volta can provide industry leading solutions to help companies embrace and enact a viable, rapid containerization environment. Whether acting as project consultants to design, build, document, and ultimately turn over the environment to your team; or offered as a managed service from a trusted partner, Volta can take the reins on your containerization initiative and be your partner in success. 

IT leaders understand that containerization has revolutionized the way software applications are developed, deployed, and managed. However, the increasing number of containers (often driven by forces outside of IT’s control) means that managing them effectively has become a daunting task. 

Benefits our clients have seen: 
  • Simplified deployment, management, and orchestration of all containerized applications.  
  • Stronger security, with load balancing, and resource management for efficient operations. 
  • Streamlined container delivery, deployment, and automation across virtual machines and servers. 
  • Decrease container sprawl and the headache that goes with it. 

Expert IT Services, Close to Home

Volta serves clients across the middle Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic regions. Count on world-class IT service with a regional, personalized touch.

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