Managed Resilience on a Single Platform

Minimize the impact of disruptions, protect your reputation, and maintain client relationships. 


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Stage 1: BIA and BCP

It is crucial for organizations to have plans and strategies in place to ensure that they can quickly recover from any event that may disrupt their operations, such as natural disasters, cyberattacks, or even pandemics. Business continuity involves identifying potential risks, developing contingency plans, implementing robust systems and processes, and regularly testing and updating these measures to ensure their effectiveness.  

A Managed Resilience strategy starts with a risk assessment and a Business Impact Analysis (BIA). From the BIA, an organization is able to create a formal Business Continuity Plan (BCP). The entry point for Volta Managed Resilience might be slightly different depending on whether your team has already executed these essential tasks, or whether you need support.  

Stage 2: Managed Resilience Platform

After your BCP is built out, documented properly, and ready to go, we will transition that information into our Managed Resilience platform. Once the work is ingested into the platform, your plan is immediately accessible to you within a centralized environment. Our platform is secure, flexible, auditable and accessible 24×7. 

Stage 3: Ongoing Maintenance

With our service, not only do you get a single platform where you can access, evaluate, test and build out your plans, but all of it will be managed and updated for you. In the biweekly cadence call with our experts, we go over everything that has altered in your organization so that plans can be updated to reflect those changes. As part of ongoing maintenance, we will provide an annual tabletop exercise so your organization can test its ability to recover from an event.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Just as we provide support for conducting a BIA and creating a BCP from the ground up, our experts can develop a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) for your organization. This is an additional project that is not included in the managed resilience offering. If your organization already has a DRP that you’d like to us maintain, we’re happy to include the import and management of those plans on our platform.

Interested in complete Disaster Recover services for complex infrastructure? Check out DRaaS with Volta and Recovery Point.

Enabling resilience is not a one-time activity.

It’s an ongoing investment. It involves regular reviews and updates to BCPs and DRPs, as well as continuous training and awareness for staff. With a robust BCP, an organization:

Minimizes Downtime

A well-structured BCP helps business operations quickly resume.

Mitigate Revenue Loss

Avoid significant financial losses by swiftly resuming operations.

Maintain Client Trust

A robust BCP can help maintain service levels and keep clients satisfied.

Preserve Reputation

Demonstrate to stakeholders that the business is prepared to face and overcome disruptions.

Improve Employee Productivity

Ensures that employees can continue their work during a disruption.

Combat Various Causes

Be more prepared for the every type of disruption.

Boost Confidence

A BCP increases confidence that an organization can handle unexpected downtime.

Maintain Compliance

Overcome regulatory scrutiny and manage insurance premiums.

Augment Your IT Department

Dedicated managed IT support from Volta frees your staff for higher-level initiatives while saving you time and money.

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