Incident Response Services Across the Middle Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic Region

Ever wish for a 911 service to call when there’s been a breach? Our incident response service team investigates, triages, and remediates at speed to get you back to business quickly.

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Identify, Investigate, Contain

Volta’s incident response service team focuses on assessing the incident and containing the damage as quickly as possible. We triage based on the most critical assets in your environment to minimize the effects of the breach.

Advanced Analysis and Monitoring

Containing a breach is the starting point of incident recovery. Volta investigates in-depth to uncover every vulnerability that led to the breach, so you can adjust your systems for better protection. Continued monitoring after the incident can discover remaining complications.

Recommendations and Proactive Changes

As part of our incident response service, Volta also provides recommendations for the future. Our deep analysis of the event helps us prepare you for the next attack. The analysis is used to guide necessary actions to remediate issues on endpoints, which may include adjustments to configurations or infrastructure.

The Volta IR Model

It takes a skilled team of experts to successfully respond to a cyberattack. Volta’s incident response team has real-world experience in responding to malicious attacks and works with you to optimize procedures and decrease the likelihood of repeat events.

Dedicated Response Team

When an incident occurs, we’ll be on point with a dedicated team of experts, including software development talent with incident response experience.

Custom Containment

Our custom containment and remediation strategy eliminates the attacker’s access and improves your environmental security posture to prevent or limit damage from future attacks.

Ransomware Resistant Recovery

Once the initial response is completed, we can assist with the recovery phase, during which our IR team restores affected systems to normal operation.

Leading Technology

Volta’s best-of-breed security controls can supplement your technology stack to respond to and remediate incidents, scrub traces of compromise, and defend against future attacks.

In-Depth Analysis and Deliverables

After return to normal, we analyze the kill chain to recommend strategies and technologies to close cybersecurity gaps and better protect your ecosystem.

Peace of Mind

Our IR team delivers real peace of mind by restoring your systems as quickly as possible and rebuilding confidence in the integrity of your critical systems.

When a Breach Occurs, Volta Is Ready

Volta’s incident response services team is available around the clock to deal with any incursion into your systems. Put us on speed dial.

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