Michael Gay

DevOps Engineer

Michael's Bio

Michael is a Field, Automation, Software, Networking, and Security engineer. He performs ticketing system administration, Windows Server Update Service administration, and IBM BigFix administration. Additional elements of his job include inventory management, incident response, hardware installation and troubleshooting, and network configuration. As a member of our technical security team he has experience in the metasploit framework, wireless network exploitation, password cracking, man-in-the-middle attacks, side-channel attacks, phishing, cold-boot attacks, bash scripting, and Symantec Endpoint Protection administration
Internally for Volta he provides email administration, as well as desktop and laptop repair. Michael can perform firmware updates for a wide range of devices, as well as provide desktop support, mass-automation for information gathering and configuration, and disaster recovery. He is a regular contributing writer to Volta’s blog.Michael’s interests include the electric guitar, video games, virtual reality, digital sculpting, programming, AI/machine learning, and robotics.

What do you look forward to with the future of technology? General-purpose quantum computers, quantum internet, better brain-computer interfaces for cybernetic enhancements and prosthesis, telescopes able to resolve light from the era of reionization, fusion reactors, room-temperature superconductors, better/faster/cheaper PC components, and artificial super-intelligence.

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