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The Security Threats and Trends of 2019

KnowBe4 recently published their yearly survey on the top Security Threats and Trends organizations are facing today. They polled 600 companies from all over the world to uncover opinions on what security issues those companies predict they’ll face within the next year. Here’s what we learned.

A majority of these organizations (86%) have been very proactive in strengthening and supporting better security initiatives to increase protection against cyber threats. Most said they felt better equipped to deal with threats now then they were in 2018. It appears that many organizations are wising up to the modern threat landscape, although budget constraints were identified as a major issue by 58% of the companies. Three quarters of those polled called out careless end-users inside their own companies as an ongoing problem. Dangerous accidents occur when undereducated or sometimes negligent people click on bad links, putting their companies at risk for email phishing or ransomware attacks. 

From KnowBe4’s survey, we can discern that enterprises are very aware of the need to step up their security practice in order to protect their businesses in the era of cyber crime. The fear factor has increased significantly throughout the last couple of years. The question posed was: do you fear your organization will fall victim to a targeted attack? That percentage was 35% in 2014. This year it was 46%. People are taking the organized hacking community seriously. What is your company doing to mitigate cyber threats? Do you wish you were doing more and are there budgetary issues you also face when meeting rising security demands? 

Let us know. There are some very cost-effective ways to educate end-users on how to identify fraudulent emails and websites. You can cover that base with the proper security training for your employees.

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