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Become a digital powerhouse with a modern storage appliance.

If you’re like many organizations, you may have found that no single infrastructure can meet all the requirements your data demands. Creating silos of IT resources to be managed and consumed independent of each other is a common maneuver when operating through the era of big data. The pressure to remain an agile and flexible business amidst the growing complexity of IT environments is challenging. On-premises storage has to mirror the flexibility of the cloud, with the same adaptability and automation, and must integrate seamlessly with existing applications and frameworks. Let’s be honest, every manufacturer has competitive storage offerings to meet these demands. Let’s take a look at how Dell Technologies is stepping up with their modern storage appliance, PowerStore. 

A Single Architecture

PowerStore is an advanced platform that manages data no matter its structure or where it lives. It’s sole purpose is to help you transform your IT without interrupting current operations. PowerStore’s architecture accommodates application, multi-protocol network and storage diversity within a single 2U appliance. Simply put, it helps IT consolidate their infrastructure for any workload.

Performance First 

Strong storage solutions must optimize and put performance first. PowerStore upholds that responsibility. It leverages cutting edge technology like end-to-end NVMe, Storage Class Memory (SCM) and solid state drives (SSDs). It’s also flexible enough to scale up and out, with capacity and performance able to scale independently. Multiple appliances can cluster together for greater performance. Furthermore, with Intel QuickAssist hardware acceleration, deduplication and compression are “always on” and 100% inline. PowerStore provides an average 4:1 data reduction guaranteed. 

Machine Learning Engine

Automation is another big ‘must-have’ for a modern storage appliance. With remarkable intelligence capabilities, new applications integrate with 99% less human management needed, and dozens of time-consuming tasks and decisions offload to PowerStore’s machine learning engine. 

Dell EMC’s CloudIQ 

This cloud-based app is included with PowerStore and provides proactive health analytics to help reduce risks and spot behavioral anomalies within the system. CloudIQ helps administrators more efficiently manage the entire storage environment so that they can focus on more business critical tasks. 


PowerStore’s benefits would be inline with many of the other next-gen storage options if we just stopped there. But the flexibility of this appliance extends further with its container-based software architecture, PowerStoreOS. Furthermore, this software isolates OS components as microservices, which enables portability and fast delivery of new services as your business evolves. It deploys directly on the PowerStore hardware or within a VM for additional protection and isolation. Running PowerStoreOS on a VM means that admins can deploy their own applications, such as anti-virus or monitoring software, directly on the appliance through the hypervisor. And navigating in and out of these applications is seamless with VMware ESXi and vMotion. By using a single storage instance, apps can be deployed anywhere within the infrastructure. They can also migrate from one location to another easily. 

Upgrade Anytime

Dell EMC has future-proofed this offering by allowing for flexible consumption. For example, you can execute node (controller) upgrades on your existing appliance to next gen versions or execute scale out upgrades without downtime or application impact. 

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a new storage platform to streamline your business processes and data management, PowerStore is a great option. It will compliment and advance your current infrastructure. Invest in your future with PowerStore from Dell Technologies.

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