We’ve seen the aftermath of a successful attack. I client engaged with us after a cryptolocker had already hit their servers. When their backups were destroyed, they were forced to pay the criminals. Only then could the process of recovery begin. It cost them weeks of downtime and four times their annual IT budget to recover. There’s a better way.

With Volta, first and foremost we want to prevent it from ever happening. Our Security as a Service model makes world-class security experts and technology attainable by businesses that otherwise can’t staff a full-time, top security professional. However, the weak link is almost always a human agent, and sometimes preventative solutions can’t measure up. That’s when you should be able to fall back on your cyber recovery options.

The physical and virtual Air Gap 

The first target once a cyber criminal has gained access to your networks are your critical servers and systems. The second target is your backup software. They typically aren’t coming through the front door and slipping a USB key into your datacenter. They’re coming through admin credentials that they’ve gotten from sophisticated phishing and social engineering attacks. Establishing an air gap between systems locks criminals out completely. 

Air Gap with array technology

One way to mitigate an attack is with immutable snapshots. Many current array vendors have some form of WORM or immutable snapshots on their arrays, even if you don’t use the technology yet. This prevents, say, someone who has compromised your Veeam server from deleting the backup repository living on your file array. Even if they steal the active data set, you can restore the snapshot. You’ll be up and running in hours. Volta can assist in acquiring and configuring this type of solution, and can help in evaluating your existing technology to determine what options are available.

Air Gap to the cloud

Volta is partnered with the highest execution scoring DRaaS vendor on the Gartner quadrant to provide remote replication for the leading software and hardware solutions. These destinations are made immutable to provide affordable secondary site protection using your software stack or an object storage connector to one of the most experienced and secure data centers in the nation. We can recommend a strategy with our partner Recovery Point that can create both a DR partner and establish a virtual air gap in your backup schema.

Air Gap in your own network

What if you already have two sites and a robust DR stance? What if you need the speed of recovery that technologies like Data Domain provide, but also want the reassurance of as close to a real, physical air gap as possible? We can do that! Volta can evaluate your DR stance and your network layout, then design and implement a solution where a third instance lives in your datacenter, but is locked away by network restrictions, automated port blocking, Two Man Rule locking and no remote access possible. 

If you’re concerned about when the successful cyberattack is going to get through rather than “if” then contact us. We would love to talk with your team and see if there is an air gap solution that you could implement that would accelerate and armor your cybersecurity strategy.