Every day there are threats trying to make their way into your organization through email…
  1. An email from a third party vendor asking employees to verify account activity.
  2. An email from the CFO asking accounts payable to make a wire transfer.
  3. A convincing HR notice to employees that leads to a ransomware payload.

What if one of those emails got through and got clicked on, opening the door to ransomware?!? Your email security must be part of something bigger to make the risk posed by cyber threats smaller.

Introducing Forinet FortiMail

FortiMail provides advanced and proven email protection against the full spectrum of email-based threats. Unlike other siloed solutions, FortiMail is part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, which is the leading Cybersecurity Mesh Platform on the market.

With Fortinet Security Fabric, your email security and security infrastructure are connected more than ever, giving you broad visibility sharing indicators of compromise, illuminating greater context on threats and enabling automated workflows including responses that allow your team to scale while focusing on the priorities that matter.

FortiMail is supercharged with threat intelligence from FortiGuard Labs and capabilities such as next-gen sandboxing to elevate your email security for any email service, including Microsoft 365 Exchange Online and Google Workspace.

Cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA) is a top technology trend and Fortinet Security Fabric is leading the charge.