The IBM Power10 portfolio is complete! The anticipated release of four new IBM Power10 systems last quarter was certainly a big step in IBM’s continued strategy to align technology with the challenging business requirements of today. They introduced the IBM Power10 high-end server more than a year ago and the build out of more Power10 systems have been widely anticipated. The expanded portfolio includes the scale-out Power S1014, Power S1022 and Power S1024, and the midrange Power E1050 server.

The systems in this portfolio are all built around the Power10 processor and have twice the cores and memory bandwidth of the previous gen, Power9. The full range of these solutions goes to show that IBM understands that one size doesn’t fit all. Applications and business processes have differing demands, but rest assured, there is a Power10 system in this new release that would take any organization to the next level in terms of: faster responses to business demands, protection from core to cloud, and streamlined insights and automation.

Today’s business climate is volatile. Any organization or team would struggle to keep up with the type of unpredictable environment we’re currently experiencing. The need for accelerated business performance has been on the rise, while capacity and supply chain issues seem like they’re here to stay. This has created a need for tech-enabled efficiency, which IBM has crafted inside of the Power10 systems.

The Power10 Portfolio…

Maximizes agility, efficiency and value of data:

Each Power10 processor core has four Matrix Math Accelerators designed to lower latency by running inferencing on the same server to access and analyze data faster. These accelerators also improve performance of AI models.

Secures infrastructure with platform integrity from the processor to the cloud:

Designed to prevent merging side-channel attacks from hackers with transparent memory enhanced isolation. Power10 systems also support cryptography advancements to protect from future threats.

Automates historically manual infrastructure tasks:

All Power10 processor-based servers have consistent automation and management to optimize workload deployments across hybrid cloud and enable focus on higher-value projects.

Expands and simplifies pay-as-you-go offerings:

Achieves agility with efficient scaling and consistent pay-for-use consumption across public and private clouds. Also maximizes the efficiency of containerized and cloud-native applications through an ecosystem of solutions with Red Hat OpenShift.

There is something for everyone within this line. The IBM Power10 portfolio can deliver hybrid cloud solutions for the most demanding workloads in the most economic and sustainable way.