Mark Macumber

Chief Information Security Officer

Mark's Bio

Mark Macumber is Volta’s Security Practice Manager and has worked in IT for over 26 years. Mark began his career in software development, moved into networking/communications, and has focused on securing data and communications since the late 90’s. His early career landed him right in the middle of 90s tech boom and the explosion of the Internet. He monopolized on this period as an entrepreneur by building a network to become an Internet service provider, which he and his partner later sold.

Mark has designed, installed, and managed numerous networks and is a subject matter expert in diagnosing and troubleshooting network-related issues. Over the last decade, Mark has focused almost exclusively on implementing security architectures for customers and guiding them on how to establish their security policies and frameworks.

What’s your favorite tech gadget? My amplifier.
What do you look forward to with the future of technology? Peace.

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