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Volta is a leading technology solutions specialist in the Eastern US; specializing in complex integration and committed to making our customers’ jobs easier by providing IT support, data center solutions and managed IT services. Volta helps our clients make the most strategic choices from among the many options available to extract the most value from the IT budget.


  • Under Armour®
  • Select Medical
  • General Cable
  • Recovery Point Systems
  • UK Healthcare
  • University of Louisville
  • Lexington Fayette Urban County Government
  • KY Commonwealth Office of Technology
  • Louisville Water Company

Our Team

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  1. Akila Samaraweera

    Security Network Engineer

    Meet Akila
  2. Andrew Harrington

    SOC Analyst

    Meet Andrew
  3. Ashley Craig

    Project Manager

    Meet Ashley
  4. Bethany Meacham

    Sales Support Specialist

    Meet Bethany
  5. Chase Karlen

    Security Engineer

    Meet Chase
  6. Chaz Soldat

    Network Operations Technician

    Meet Chaz
  7. Chris Stone

    Field Technician

    Meet Chris
  8. Cody Jackson

    Senior Security Engineer

    Meet Cody
  9. Craig Meadows

    Director of Sales and Marketing

    Meet Craig
  10. David Montgomery

    Senior Account Executive

    Meet David
  11. Glenn Miller

    Systems Engineer

    Meet Glenn
  12. Glenn Steder

    Director of Strategic Partnerships

    Meet Glenn
  13. Jason Oldiges

    Senior Account Executive

    Meet Jason
  14. Jai Sankaradass

    Systems Architect

    Meet Jai
  15. Jenny Krolak

    Director of Finance

    Meet Jenny
  16. Josh Bacon

    SOC Analyst

    Meet Josh
  17. Kevin Quire

    Network Operations Technician

    Meet Kevin
  18. Lauren Sevigny

    Media and Content Manager

    Meet Lauren
  19. Tracy Whitlock

    SOC Analyst

    Meet Tracy
  20. Venkata Sai Vasishi Pulipaka

    SOC Analyst

    Meet Sai
  21. Lucas McClendon

    Network Operations Technician

    Meet Lucas
  22. Mark Macumber

    Chief Information Security Officer

    Meet Mark
  23. Marshall Butler


    Meet Marshall
  24. Megan Janssen

    Sales Support Specialist

    Meet Megan
  25. Matt Duvall

    Director of Services

    Meet Matt
  26. Matt Griffin

    Sales Architect

    Meet Matt
  27. Michael Gay

    DevOps Engineer

    Meet Michael
  28. Mike Logan

    Senior Account Executive

    Meet Mike
  29. Miles Cox

    Chief Operating Officer

    Meet Miles
  30. Rick Clements

    Senior Account Executive

    Meet Rick
  31. Shana Watson

    Director of HR and Administration

    Meet Shana
  32. Steve Hurd

    Systems Architect

    Meet Steve
  33. Waylon Reichert

    Field Technician

    Meet Waylon

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