The NetApp Cloud Backup appliance (formerly NetApp AltaVault) is a disk-to-disk data storage optimization system with cloud integration. Cloud Backup appliances don’t require a reconfiguration of architecture, which makes implementation into an existing backup infrastructure easy. An organization just has to hook up the backup appliance directly to the network. These appliances come in different sizes which scale to business growth in virtual and physical formats. Virtual environments supported include Microsoft Hyper-V, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Linux KVM and VMware vSphere. NetApp Cloud Backup is efficient, open, secure and simple.

It’s challenging to find effective backup solutions. Historical approaches to backup and recovery such as tape and disk-to-disk replication, fall short. Traditional solutions are expensive, slow, risky and technically complex. Legacy backup and recovery offerings can’t keep up when users expect instant recovery with little data loss. Protecting increasingly large datasets on premises is costly not to mention risky when relying on error-prone tape. Switching to a modern backup and recovery solution is essential for an environment to withstand the changes in our industry.

Security and Compliance  

Any reliable data protection appliance must provide end-to-end data integrity with strong internal security for that data while it’s owned by the appliance. With NetApp Cloud Backup, your data is encrypted and secure at all times. Secure management capabilities are available through the Access Control System to ensure only qualified individuals can access the data. Utilize the management access control list to further secure the appliance by exposing only the necessary protocols, ports, and networks.


NetApp Cloud Backup uses inline deduplication and compression to produce 30:1 data reduction ratios. Basically you can store less data in the cloud and with built-in WAN optimization, get it there faster. Recoverability is also extremely quick because 95% of restores are from local cache. You can restore data up to 32 times faster than tape. And there’s the obvious benefit… NetApp Cloud Backup enables organizations to perform backups to any cloud at 90% lower cost compared to on-premises solutions.


Not only is NetApp Cloud Backup compatible with leading backup software solutions (NetApp SnapMirror, Commvault, IBM, Veritas, Veeam and EMC), it also supports all leading cloud storage platforms and providers. Even if your organization switches cloud providers, NetApp’s solution has the agility to transform with that shift.


Easy deployment and management. With cloud-integrated backup appliances, your organization reduces the manual task of tape management so valuable IT resources can be appropriated to business critical projects. Remote monitoring gives administrators complete control from any location. Volta’s installation and implementation services can configure your new NetApp Cloud Backup solution within your existing environment in just a few easy steps.