Cloud Security

Volta and Netskope's industry-leading approach.

Organizations continue to adopt apps and cloud computing at a rapid pace to benefit from the promise of increased efficiency, improved agility, and better scalability. However, cloud security must be top of mind. The move to the cloud provides tremendous value, but it is a necessary challenge to make sure the cloud is safe and secure. 

What drives the challenges of cloud security?
  • People work from multiple devices in multiple locations
  • Instantaneous sharing and collaboration happen through numerous cloud applications
  • Firewalls can not protect data stored throughout various cloud applications
  • Users are rapidly adopting cloud services which need to be safely enabled, not just blocked
  • Securing cloud services, like Office 365, G Suite, and Box, requires a shared responsibility model
Becoming a Netskope partner.

To help our customer’s meet these challenges, Volta has partnered with the industry leader in cloud security. Netskope is trusted by over 25% of the Fortune 100 and this includes securing the largest deployments of Office 365, Box and Slack. Subsequently, Netskope owns the most inline deployments of any CASB vendor. Being one of the last remaining standalone companies in the Magic Quadrant allows Netskope to stay laser focused on cloud security and to be more agile to an organization’s needs. For instance, Netskope can: 

  • Safely enable cloud apps (with granular policy controls) for thousands of sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services
  • Provide a flexible architecture model for wider use case coverage and customer needs
  • Discover shadow IT
  • Unify cloud policies
  • Detect cloud threats
  • Protect AWS + Azure workloads
  • Prevent data exfiltration
  • Provide cloud native threat protection across all cloud services (including AWS, Azure, and GCP)
  • Utilize industry leading, cloud native, DLP engine for the most comprehensive data protection


Cloud Application Protection

Organizations are faced with the intimidating task of securing critical data seamlessly as it shifts through apps, IaaS, and multiple web endpoints. Web security vendors have tried to solve this problem by repackaging and migrating legacy solutions to the cloud, but this approach doesn’t address the issues that arise through the use of SaaS and IaaS, or the dynamic way the web is built today. Therefore, an entirely different approach to security is necessary – one that allows enterprises to meet the demands of a cloud-first enterprise under one unified cloud and web security platform.

What Nestkope protects:

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