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With Managed Services from Volta, our Technical Services team becomes an extension of your team.

Why Managed Services?

Some companies choose to outsource their entire IT department to a third party. This is most common in small companies which cannot justify the expense of a full-time technical resource. Some mid- to large-sized companies have a top-down mandate to move most or all their IT infrastructure to the public cloud in order to avoid the capital expense of procuring and upgrading hardware as well as the labor of managing and maintaining it.

Other organizations have gone the outsourcing route and due to growth, perceived risks, budgetary issues or other changes in the business, are looking at bringing some of their IT back in-house. They may be able to hire someone with most of the needed skills but not all, or have more work than one person can handle but not enough to hire multiple individuals. The business may require round-the-clock technical support that is beyond what the current staff can deliver.

A Managed Services engagement is ideal if your people never have the time to get to the big projects which have the potential to help take the business from good to great, to paraphrase the title of the best-selling management book by Jim Collins. At first glance it may make sense to bring in outsiders for those big projects, but consultants are expensive. They will typically have to spend a lot of time learning your business before they make recommendations. A more effective strategy may be to take routine tasks off the plates of your IT staff and leave them free to work on the challenging projects which give them opportunities for career development and personal growth.

Volta Managed Services

Workstations and Mobile Device Management


Installation and support for workstations.

Mobile Device Management

Secure corporate data residing on company-provided or employee-owned laptops, tablets and phones in case of loss, theft, or when employees change jobs. Implement and monitor secure gateways for collaboration.

Data Center Management

Server Management

Remote monitoring, help desk, facilitation of hardware and virtualization support and maintenance, firmware/microcode updates, VMware code level patches, VMware administration and resources, anti-virus support.

Storage Management

Remote monitoring, help desk, facilitation of hardware support and maintenance, firmware/microcode updates on physical storage hardware, administration, storage capacity planning, and design consultation.


Data Protection


Remote monitoring, help desk, firmware/microcode updates

Backup and Recovery

Protect data with on- or off-premises backup and recovery solution managed and maintained by Volta.

Disaster Recovery

Planning, design, and administration including testing and compliance reporting.

Power Management

UPS as a Service

Hardware, battery, and remote monitoring for UPS’s to make sure they are ready to take the hit for your expensive infrastructure.

Cloud Management

Off-premises Public Cloud Services

Remote monitoring, help desk, administration, capacity planning and design consultation.

Hardware as a Service

Servers and Storage

Convert capital expenses to monthly operational expenses with Hardware as a Service from Volta. HaaS can be added to Managed Services agreements for a comprehensive managed solution, and is also a stand-alone offering should you wish to utilize your own IT staff.

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