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Volta provides network as a service (NaaS) to organizations who want to avoid building out their own networking infrastructure. Similarly, Volta provides this service to organizations who don’t want to shoulder the capital expenses of network hardware. Volta’s services include Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity, LAN routing and switching, data-center connectivity, and security services such as Firewall, IPS, and IDS deployments.

It can be complicated to configure routers, operate firewalls, and manage connectivity with branch offices. With NaaS from Volta, those responsibilities are transferred to our technical services team. We can manage your organization’s network, instead of your IT team overseeing a complicated mixture of network management tools and hardware.

Networking solutions raise concerns over uptime, which we know is important to any business. The technologies Volta uses resolve these concerns with intelligent traffic engineering for even your most demanding applications.

Volta is on several state contracts for Cisco networking equipment. Check out a list of our contracts here.

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