Recently, the Volta sales and services team met with our partners at Cisco to discuss their Secure portfolio, and primarily how easily SecureX can be utilized to provide an accessible XDR solution within our clients’ environments. We received an impressive ‘proof-of-value’ demonstration that we’d like to extend to select clients, but first, what is SecureX? 

SecureX is a cloud-native, built-in platform experience within Cisco’s Secure portfolio. It combines multiple otherwise disparate sensor and detection technologies into one unified location for visibility. The platform utilizes automation and orchestration capabilities to secure an organization’s network, cloud edge, applications, users, and endpoints. 

With SecureX, security teams can: 

Make faster decisions with less overhead, and better precision with less error: SecureX threat response is the platform’s core application. It aggregates alerts and correlates global intelligence and local context across Cisco Secure and third-party technologies, and rolls them into one view. Device insights also provides a comprehensive endpoint inventory so you can assess device security configuration on all devices, without risking business disruption. 

  • Accelerate threat investigations and incident management 
  • Reduce the time it takes to counter attacks  
  • Gain a holistic view of your device data  
  • Identify gaps in coverage 
  • Build custom policies, and create playbook driven automation options 

Collaborate better and save time: The orchestration capabilities of SecureX powers pre-built workflows aligned to common use cases. You can also use the easy drag and drop canvas to build unique workflows to streamline processes and automate routine tasks. 

  • Lower operational costs 
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks  
  • Broaden the scope of cloud orchestration 
  • Reduce human error  
  • Improve collaboration 
    • Additionally, SecureX sign-on with Duo (MFA) allows you to access all your Cisco Secure products with one set of credentials, from any device, anywhere

Perhaps the most intriguing piece to this is that every Cisco Secure customer is already entitled to Cisco SecureX without a separate license, and at no additional charge. The time-to-value is genuinely impressive. You simply log into your Cisco profile to activate SecureX. This tool can be up and running and adding real benefits to your security posture within 15 minutes. Even if you want to start small with a single Cisco Secure portfolio product, you can grow easily as the needs of your organization evolve. Over time, this platform presents a simple way to consolidate security vendors without compromising the efficacy of your security program. 

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