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Cloud Security with Netskope

With Netskope’s advanced, inline capabilities for the cloud, securing the web is a natural extension of the platform. Many of the same capabilities that were developed to secure unsanctioned cloud services can also be applied to the web.

To start, the majority of web traffic is now SSL encrypted so many organizations value Netskope’s ability to decrypt SSL at scale in the cloud with zero hardware required and no impact to the end user experience. In addition, as more users move off network, Netskope’s ability to apply consistent security policies to all users, whether on or off network, is another key benefit. This allows users to go direct-to-web rather than backhauling web traffic through a VPN or MPLS network.

Core web features like URL filtering and categorization have been added so that organizations can enforce acceptable web use policies. All this is managed from a single UI and a central cloud-native security platform.

Threat detection and remediation are important aspects of web security. Netskope provides many advanced features including cloud sandboxing, heuristics, next gen AV, malicious site detection, threat intelligence and more.

  • Decrypt SSL for all cloud and web traffic at scale
  • Direct-to-web access for off-network users
  • Advanced threat and data protection for cloud and web
  • Enforce AUP with web categorization and URL filtering

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