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VoltaAuthenticate Version 2.0 Released!

Support Expanded from AIX to Linux.
Dual Factor Authentication is a feature that is sadly lacking in most Unix environments. AIX was no exception. We at Volta saw the need and built a Dual Factor Authentication mechanism for AIX which we released earlier this year. Well, many of our customers not only use AIX, but Linux as well. Consequently, we have adapted our code to work in several Linux environments, too.

VoltaAuthenticate Version 2.0 operates on any currently supported AIX operating system, as well as, Red Hat Linux 6.x and 7.x on Power and VMware platforms and Ubuntu 14.x and 16.x on Power and VMware platforms.

We have also added several new features in this release:
  • Easy script to configure VoltaAuthenticate to your environment\
  • Easy script to install the intercept mechanism into your environment
  • Able to set the passphrase length to any value you choose (default 6)
  • Capable of importing a list of authorized users into the encrypted database from a text document
  • Ability to export the contents of the encrypted database to a text document
We continue to support features that enhance the value of the product:
  • Robust Management Menu system
  • Login activity logging
  • Session logging
  • Recovery tools

And it is easy to use, you simply must be an authorized user to get access to a system:

VoltaAuthenticate consists of two major parts. The first is a system that traps a user as he attempts to login to a system. This “interceptor” checks for the existence of the login id in an encrypted database and, if present, automatically generates a random passphrase and sends it as a text message to that user’s cell phone. The user has three chances to enter the correct passphrase. If that passphrase is not entered correctly, the user is ejected from the system, the attempt is logged, and the legitimate user is notified, via text message, of the failed attempt (and from where it came). The second part is a menu system for the system administrator to use to manage authorized users and other administrative actions. Please see our product documentation for complete details about these features.

Volta understands the importance of our customer’s data. It’s the lifeblood of their business. We are committed to helping them find innovative ways of protecting that data.

If you like the concept of VoltaAuthenticate but are wondering if it will work in your environment, please talk to us. We are open to proof of concepts or trial runs.  We would be happy to work with you to try the product in untested versions of operating environments and are certainly willing to consider, if necessary, enhancing the product further to support you.

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