XDR: Cover blindspots between a sprawl of point security tools.

Extended detection and response is next-generation software created to monitor and defend against threats across many infrastructure layers.

Full security coverage within reach.

XDR is the evolution of security solutions like endpoint detection and response (EDR) and network traffic analysis (NTA). It doesn’t replace those products, nor does it replace an organization’s SIEM. It augments those solutions by digging deeper and applying advanced AI to collect richer data sets. 


With an XDR solution, data collection is not limited to endpoints. Each security layer – endpoint, email, cloud workloads, network, server – contains different types of activity data. An XDR platform collects telemetry data across all these layers in order to detect and hunt for unknown threats and assist in root cause analysis. 


Stealthy threats hide in the spaces between siloed off endpoints or seldom-used solutions disconnected from the main security platform. XDR offers unmatched detection to surface and prioritize these alerts. It searches for and identifies suspicious endpoint events, email threats and patterns, server and workload activity, and anomalous network behavior on both internal and external traffic. 


EDR solutions defend data on endpoints, while XDR can remediate and remove threats across entire environments. XDR response can isolate the event or server, stop processes, delete/restore files, quarantine email, block senders, reset accounts, and outline the scope of the attack on the network. Consider this response time: In an MDR engagement with Volta, our response time is typically 15-25 minutes. In an XDR engagement with Volta, that response time is reduced to about 5 seconds.  

Volta can provide managed XDR two different ways.


Our engineers have been working for 4 years to custom-build an XDR platform. Our branded solution includes endpoint management plus custom programming and scripting to make a collection of disparate security products operate as a security mesh.

Partner Stack

The second method Volta uses to provide XDR focuses on installing one native security stack through our world class partnerships. There are multiple channel partners whose XDR solutions we stand behind. If an organization is positioned for this level of installation, utilizing a highly integrated vendor stack can bring significant advantages to your security posture. 

Advantages of XDR:

  • Significant visibility and breakdown of security silos to reveal an attack-centric view of an entire chain of events across security layers 
  • Better productivity through increased alerting accuracy on one unified platform 
  • Streamlined workflows that speed up or remove manual steps 
  • Automatically surfaces fewer and more prioritized alerts for action 
  • Machine learning technologies incorporate information on known attack methods while also allowing XDR to discover zero-day and non-traditional threats that can bypass EDR tools 
  • Effective response to contain and remove threats with the help of robust data collection analysis 
  • Flexible deployment options and the ability to leverage existing controls 
  • Modeled for improvement since the foundation of machine learning ensures that solutions become more effective at detecting a broader range of attacks over time