The strongest security posture requires a 24x7x365 SOC.

SOC as a Service from Volta provides straightforward security, so your systems are never left unprotected.

Why should you hire our SOC team?

Building and maintaining a SOC in-house is prohibitively expensive for most organizations. It also simply takes too long to build the team, obtain the infrastructure, and license and implement the software. A significant barrier to launching your own SOC is also procuring the right talent to run it. Hiring an in-house team of expert security analysts is very costly and the turnover is notoriously high. 

With SOC as a Service from Volta, we monitor all security-related events holistically, from a centralized location. Your organization can rest easy knowing the entirety of your network environment is under vigilant watch by experts who are trained to search for new and evolving threats. To put it simply, making SOC a managed solution will cost you much less than doing it yourself.

Continuous Monitoring for Restful Nights

We know that not every organization needs an all-encompassing cyber security solution. Some organization simply need after hours support or 24×7 monitoring of their environment. With SOC as a Service from Volta, we monitor all security-related events holistically, from a centralized location, with a team of analysts who investigate, and validate alerts around the clock.

24×7 Coverage

  • Volta provides a central command center for your entire organization
  • Release the concern of finding skilled security experts to fill every shift in today’s tight job market

Alert Prioritization

  • Develop event severity categories and escalation processes for each category
  • Create tooling for the automation of events
  • Perform weekly reviews to refine event severity and escalation processes

Triage & Analysis

  • Real-time data feeds
  • Respond to alerts from identified controls
  • Event investigation, consulting, and mitigation as needed


  • Utilize machine learning monitoring tools to help evolve alongside criminal tactics
  • Event correlation and alert ranking
  • Reduced risk of error and false positives
  • Less time between detection and remediation

Case Study: Security as a Service for Ephraim McDowell

Check out the implementation of managed security services for our healthcare client. Our security team monitors, detects, investigates, and responds to cyberthreats around-the-clock for a regional healthcare system.

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