Security as a Service

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services from Volta free you to run your business.

The rising demand for security specialists throughout the IT industry has created a skills gap in the field. For organizations who have acquired the right security talent, the pressure on those individuals can often be intense. Consider an approach that alleviates the stress and responsibility of managing certain security functions and controls. We can handle it.

SIEM and Security Monitoring

Most companies have invested in security controls but struggle to separate the signal from the noise. Collecting, correlating and placing events in context cancels the noise and extrapolates the effects of an alarm or outbreak. Security Information and Event Management from Volta can be deployed on premise or in the cloud to provide your team with the visibility needed to make the right decisions to secure your data, devices, and people.

Device Management

Volta offers device management services to insure that all security controls are updated and functioning properly. Our service includes monitoring up-down, device health, link state, and configuration management. Options for rule table, signature, and policy management as well as full architecture/lifecycle management are available.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Patching and updating systems is foundational to any security policy. Audit requirements, organizational security policies, vendor support requirements, and general system maintenance drive patch management cycles. Volta can perform scans and provide visibility so clients know where they missed a patch or have gaps in their maintenance process.

Security Operations Center as a Service

Security Operations Centers have the tools and people to provide continuous monitoring of alarms and events generated by your security controls. Use Volta’s 24x7x365 SOC-as-a-Service to provide or augment a SOC for your business.

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