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The reality of cyber threats demands constant attention from organizations regardless of their size, industry and maturity level. In order to minimize the loss of revenue after an attack, you must implement a holistic strategy which combines threat intelligence with incident response. Trust Volta’s Security Team to rapidly investigate, triage and remediate a cyber incident as soon as it’s detected, so your organization can get back to business.

Discover the full scope of our approach to incident response.

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Three Sets of Actions

Our team executes the following steps to quickly and efficiently resolve a cyber security incident.

Identify, Investigate, Contain

Volta will assess the incident, identify root cause where possible, and contain the damage. Our response team will triage based on the most critical assets in your environment in order to minimize the effects of the breach.

Advanced Analysis, Monitoring

Although the worst anxieties created by a breach are somewhat alleviated after it is contained, recovery work is just as important. Volta will perform an in-depth investigation to catch every vulnerability that led to an incident. We will also continue to monitor affected systems for any remaining complications.

Recommendations, Proactive Changes

By utilizing the in-depth analysis of the event, your organization can be better prepared for the next attack. Volta will guide whatever necessary actions are discovered in order to remediate issues on endpoints. These services might include adjustments to configurations or infrastructure.

Dedicated Response Team

During an Incident Response engagement, Volta provides your organization with a dedicated team of experts who will support you from start to finish. We have software development talent  among our experts, with the necessary experience responding to incidents.

Peace of Mind

Our number one goal is to save the business as best we can, and get you up and running as quickly as we can. After an IR engagement is complete, we want to leave our clients with a sense of peace and with the confidence to grow their businesses in a positive direction.

Ready to be even more proactive?

Check out our uniquely flexible approach to Managed Detection and Response. We improve threat detection monitoring and incident response capabilities by implementing the security controls in our stack or integrating the tools you already license.

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Volta enables businesses to overcome their technology challenges by designing customized data center andcybersecurity solutions to meet the demands of a modern IT transformation.

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