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There is a vast landscape of storage options, each with its own distinct advantages. But we recommend automating time-consuming and error-prone storage management tasks with cloud-based software solutions. To clarify, having visibility and reports of storage usage and backups is essential for optimal performance and security.

Flash Storage

Since the cost of flash arrays have lowered to a competitive level, the many transformative benefits of a fast and fully optimized storage system are hard to ignore. So take advantage of the performance of flash memory to maintain data in your enterprise storage system.

NAS & Object Storage

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a traditional file system architecture that can provide unity and familiarity to a more traditional environment. In short, use object storage to maintain massive amount of data through metadata tagging and unlimited scalability and accessibility.

Hybrid Storage

Hybrid storage delivers a cost-efficient, high-performance storage system based on a combination of flash-based storage and hard disk drives.

Software Defined

Software defined enables all storage to be managed with a single storage controller software interface for greater efficiency and much-needed flexibility. Moreover, software defined storage is found in appliance-based models and cloud-based models, managing block, file, and object storage and scale-up and scale-out applications.

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  • Disaster Recovery for Higher Ed

    A university needed to completely redesign and re-implement their backup, recovery, and disaster recovery (DR) systems. Volta presented a competitive DRaaS solution by utilizing our partnership with Recovery Point.

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