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Data Management

Guard your data, keep it private, and comply with regulations with the following solutions.

Guard your data, keep it private and comply with regulations with the following Data Management solutions.

Backup & Data Recovery

Prolonged downtime is a risk to a company’s reputation. Protecting data with an effective, auditable backup system and a tested disaster recovery plan are musts for every organization. Whether your data is at remote offices, on premises or in the cloud, Volta’s modern backup and recovery solutions will keep your data safe and available so your organization can operate on the highest industry level.

Copy Data Management

Replication is a modern backup technique gaining popularity over more traditional backup technologies. Integrating snapshot and replication into your data management structure can strengthen your overall protection strategy. Volta can provide various software-defined replication and snapshot platforms to modernize traditional IT storage.

Data Protection

Wherever your data lives, it needs protection. Data Protection from Volta enables backup and recovery of enterprise applications and servers across physical and virtual environments and in the cloud. Volta will assist you in rebuilding a data protection plan for your current and future IT requirements.


At Volta, our engineers work 24/7 to prevent, detect, and react to cybersecurity threats that are a constant pressure on our customers. There’s nothing unique about the situation; if you have a connection to the internet, then you are a target. With the sophistication of attacks increasing, the question now shifts from “if” to “when?” That’s where a CyberRecovery strategy is invaluable. It allows you to sidestep the effects of the attack, and get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Our Results

  • Security as a Service for Healthcare

    Healthcare organizations are attractive targets to cyber-criminals due to the vast amount of personal information they collect and store. A large guest population of patients and physicians, and on-net applications/devices from various vendors and partner connections, create a challenging volume of traffic to monitor. Without a centralized logging system it is difficult to hunt threats, investigate alerts and create alerts from correlated sources.

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