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Converged and Hyper-Converged Systems

Converged and hyper-converged systems offer compute, networking, and storage in an easy-to-deploy and scalable format. Having a single point of contact when issues arise and a unified management interface are foundational benefits of these systems. Similarly, high performance compute (HPC) systems offer the flexibility necessary to handle fluctuating computational requirements in order to deliver a sustained performance.


Interested in the benefits of the public cloud with a better SLA, while maintaining control over your data? Take a closer look at hyper converged infrastructure. Discover the most flexible, maneuverable and scalable HCI solution for you

Make the journey to Hyper-converged with Volta

The world of technology is at an inflection point. Flash, high speed networks, and the cloud have created a dizzying array of options for how you run your business. At Volta we are designing best in class solutions that make sense no matter which way your requirements lean. We can help you take advantage of the best HCI solution to match your organization’s needs.

Hyper-Converged for hybrid cloud

Time and again customers realize that while they have internal cloud initiatives and pressure from the top down to get out of the datacenter business, the right solution is usually a mixture of local virtualized resources and connectors to cloud apps and storage, with development moving forward in the cloud. Hyperconverged solutions from our partners at Dell/EMC, NetApp, and Nutanix provide easy and powerful solutions to reinvent the modern datacenter without compromising current investments.

Hands-on with a trusted partner

Schedule a visit to Volta, where you can see several HCI solutions running in our lab. We can offer an unbiased evaluation of how each might better fit your needs and help you make an informed decision without going through a hard sell or disruptive on-site proof of concept.

Gain the flexibility you’ve wanted.

Every business has frustrations with vendor lock-in and being tied to solutions even when requirements change. HCI lets you grow incrementally and non-disruptively, while leveraging the power of virtualized compute and storage to let you seamlessly move workloads to the most appropriate environment.


Gain greater visibility and efficiency by combining storage, networking and compute components into a single platform.

High Performance

Increase the processing speed of data in your organization’s computing infrastructure, while leveraging resources more efficiently to meet the demands of modern business operations.

Power Systems

IBM Power Systems accelerate your infrastructure with rapid scalability and simplified maintenance.

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    A large multifaceted organization, Louisville Water Company didn’t have enough skilled security personnel to monitor their environment 24-7-365. Volta established Software as a Service for security and network devices in their environment.

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