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UPS devices and physical infrastructure must be monitored across distributed IT sites. However, maintaining remote infrastructure has become increasingly challenging. We can take a small piece of this challenge off your plate in a simple and cost-effective way. With UPS as a Service (UPSaaS) from Volta, we own, monitor, and maintain UPS devices for you.

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UPSaaS For Your Peace Of Mind

Remember the unprecedented Texas snowstorm in February, 2021? The cost of downtime on the state’s economy was estimated to be as high as $155 billion. It’s imperative that your physical infrastructure is protected from extreme weather events.

Remote Monitoring

A well-maintained UPS requires constant attention. It uses several technologies to extend the life of the batteries, handle load changes, and manage power fluctuations. Our staff will monitor how your UPS devices are performing so you don’t have to.

Replacement Stock
On Hand

Take advantage of a dedicated team who will quickly travel to your remote sites and install UPS devices that may need to be replaced

Brand Protection

The direct and indirect costs of downtime for a business include lost wages and sales, damage to the brand, and diminished customer trust. Mitigate the negative effects of downtime with the maximum coverage for your infrastructure.

UPSaaS For Your Business

Volta’s UPSaaS can transform a critical infrastructure component from a capital purchase to an operational spend. Benefit from a cost-effective, as-a-service model while improving your infrastructure.

UPSaaS For Your Staff

As edge networks expand, CIO’s aren’t getting the personnel budget to cover a growing volume of remote sites. Let Volta’s professional staff and years of experience handle your UPS environment and make sure everything stays in optimal form.

Case Study

Read about our success implementing UPS as a Service for a large consolidated state government agency.

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