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Security in the Cloud

As cloud adoption grows, and as organizations store more sensitive data there, the hidden risks of multi-cloud environments are exposed. Organizations must implement stronger security procedures for their cloud-based data to reduce risk exposure and manage vulnerabilities within their infrastructure. In order to protect cloud workloads, basic visibility is required, and often missing for many security teams. A lack of cloud asset organization can lead to potential misconfiguration and higher risk of attack.

Although today’s security teams are often stretched thin, and facing a growing stream of threats to data, there are a number of ways to extend enterprise security to the cloud. Investing in a SIEM (Security Information Event Management) solution is an important way to gain visibility into an organization’s environment without overwhelming analysts with an expensive box solution. SIEM solutions utilize advanced analytics to collect, normalize and analyze millions of events in order to detect threats. They should integrate with most cloud services as well as on-prem infrastructure. Through a single-screen interface, SIEM solutions help security teams gain the visibility they need in order to respond to threats no matter where they originate. They’re also helpful at detecting misconfigurations in the cloud, which can accidentally create data vulnerability.

It’s clear cloud environments are becoming prime targets for hackers. It’s important to extend a high-level of protection across an infrastructure. A strong SIEM solution should be able to integrate uniquely with the native components of any cloud provider. Check out the solutions listed below. Once implemented, rest assured that the same capabilities for enterprise-level security and monitoring will be at work everywhere throughout your environment.

Learn more about IBM QRadar here.

Learn more about Volta’s SIEM-as-a-Service here.

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