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Predictive Analytics Software

As the days grow longer and current events cause tension to rise, being able to predict what will happen next with credibility is even more appealing than usual. Having reliable data at one’s fingertips and the ability to make sense of it quickly is what sets leaders apart. Fortunately, software is available which speedily gleans insights from data you already have. It’s nearly equivalent to having a workaholic statistician on your staff who is always looking for ways to make you look good. Predictive Analytics software gains insight quickly into the following problems and more:

Predictive Analytics Software improves student retention

By analyzing data from attendance records, surveys, financial aid information, academic performance and demographics, American Public University Systems was able to predict at what point any given student is likely to drop out of college with 80% certainty. Knowledge is power and allows administrators to use targeted interventions to increase retention and boost graduation rates. Consequently, IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics for Student Retention paves the way for improved student outcomes and enhanced university reputations.

Predict when equipment maintenance issues are likely to arise

Analysis of data from machinery on the factory floor facilitates a pro-active approach and minimizes unplanned downtime. By identifying problem areas before they occur, you can replace worn parts before they fail, avoiding compound failures, idle employees, and potentially even injuries. In other words, IBM Maximo does the trick.

Predictive Analytics Software uncovers patterns to reduce crime and increase officer safety

The use of IBM predictive analytics software by the Memphis Police Department helped reduce serious crime by 30%. By decreasing the time it takes to find leads and solve cases, public safety is increased. Look at Crime Prediction and Prevention software from IBM.

Fill in the blank: If only we could get better at _____…

To conclude, bring the power of Predictive Analytics Software to bear on your toughest problems. The right specialized software from IBM makes amazing things possible.

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