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New In-Memory Technology Options Accelerate Database Processes

For many organizations, December is a peak month for IT. Additional transaction processing, end-of-fiscal-year activities, and preparation for new calendar-year initiatives put stress on systems. If your databases are running too slowly to keep up at peak loads, evaluate In-Memory technology processing. 

With a true In-Memory Database (IMDB) the entire database resides in memory, resulting in definitively superior read and compute speeds. Durable In-Memory technology has been around for years, but has not been a viable option for most. Memory is faster than SSD, which is faster than disk. The price of memory has come down over the years. One might think that simply increasing memory to hold the entire database would make sense. However, data volumes have grown faster than the price of memory has come down.

Some of the major players in database software (Oracle, IBM) have recently released products which utilize a combination of techniques which allow database functionality to approach the speeds of true in-memory while running on existing infrastructure. The new releases make the most efficient use of memory within advanced processors by changing the structure of the data themselves. In addition, some manufacturers have incorporated innovations such as compression and improved memory management to allow even the largest databases to operate at speeds approaching true IMDB.

As competitive pressures continue to grow, the need for real-time insights has become clear for many organizations. Numerous studies have shown that businesses that are managed using data-driven modeling have a clear advantage over those that don’t. Improved database software can not only speed business processes, but the insights gained from those processes.

If database speed is an issue, consider upgrading your software and taking advantage of new in-memory processing options. If your business is outgrowing the capabilities of currently-used database software and is considering new software, in-memory utilization is a key factor for evaluation.

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