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NetApp ONTAP 9

Newly-released NetApp ONTAP 9 incorporates several improvements including better Flash optimization and more deployment options, including as software-defined storage on commodity servers in front of third-party storage arrays, and in the cloud.

Store more storage in less space more securely than ever with ONTAP 9. It supports the new 15 terabyte flash drives so you can fit up to 1 PB of data on a single disc shelf. Triple parity data protection and enhanced compliance features.

NetApp ONTAP 9 promises to simplify storage administration. You can monitor your storage environment from a smartphone or tablet. Seamlessly move data across a hybrid cloud environment (which might include NetApp Private Storage, remote dedicated single-tenancy secure storage).

Want to take advantage of the juicy goodness of ONTAP 9 but worried about a lengthy implementation?  Never fear – the CFT is here! NetApp’s Copy Free Transition system enables the simplified movement and recabling of your existing disc shelves. Transitioning to ONTAP 9 from mid-range to high-end FAS systems is reduced to several hours and only one disruption.

Maybe you are still on NetApp 7-mode? Copy Free Transition is part of the 7-mode Transition Tool.

Interested in upgrading to NetApp ONTAP 9? Contact Volta for more information.

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