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Multi-Vendor Maintenance

Keep it up! Maintenance matters more than ever.

Hardware and software have become more and more reliable over the years. But reliance on our technology has increased to the point where unplanned downtime is a major negative for organizations. It in terms of lost productivity for employees, lost revenue as customers go elsewhere, and loss of reputation. We expect IT availability 24-7 and when our expectations are unmet, the business suffers. You need multi-vendor maintenance.

Maintenance prevents downtime.

Even best-in-class IT departments fall victim to unexpected downtime. The industry average is 2.3 business disruption events per year. And at an average cost of $418,000 worth of lost work hours and revenues. Most IT environments consist of products from multiple manufacturers and vendors. The resulting complexity makes supporting such an environment very time-consuming.

Tuning, testing, installing patches, keeping up with contact persons from a wide variety of maintenance providers and a myriad of different billing cycles and due dates can try even the most well-organized IT managers, not to mention the frustrating finger-pointing by maintenance and support providers when it isn’t clear-cut which component is to blame for downtime. No wonder IT managers frequently ask us if there isn’t a better way! “Perhaps a third-party source which provides rock-bottom prices for bare bones updates and patches,” they think. If the whole maintenance and support process is going to be frustrating, why should it cost a lot too?

Volta Technologies offers IBM Multi-Vendor Maintenance and Support

There is a better way. Did you know that IBM offers multi-vendor maintenance and support, and that Volta is an IBM Technical Support Services Specialty Business Partner? We have been able to work with IBM on our clients’ behalf to negotiate the most advantageous pricing for reliable, no-fuss, one-call maintenance and support of their IT infrastructures by industry experts (not fly-by-night so-called ‘service’ contacts from buck-passers engaging in questionable business practices).

To make your maintenance and support life easier, begin by taking a good inventory of your entire environment and its existing support structure to bring some clarity. If your data center is like most there is a hodgepodge of manufacturers and equipment ages. Not all boxes have the same service level requirements. Maybe some maintenance has lapsed, or you are paying for maintenance on some equipment which is no longer in use – ouch! When are you going to have the time and resources to get a complete inventory done? If your current provider doesn’t offer assistance with this, contact Volta – we do.

Instead of trimming maintenance levels, consider managed support services which take frustrating and repetitive tasks off your plate and save your team’s hours to innovate for the business. The best providers use analytics to proactively manage your environment, identifying potential problems before they negatively affect your organization. Having an ongoing relationship with a team of support specialists already familiar with your environment and who can deal with two-thirds of service calls remotely ensures maximum value for your organization.

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