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The Benefits of IBM TSS for Financial Groups

Technology environments evolve quickly and changes in business structure require fluid support strategies to protect and maintain technical investments. As an IBM partner, we recently discovered a case study from IBM Services – Technical Support which perfectly encapsulates an organization’s need to streamline maintenance processes during a large consolidation.


Hana Financial Group was founded in 1971. They are a financial holding company headquartered in Seoul, Korea with over 12,300 employees. The group’s subsidiaries include KEB Hana Bank, KEB Hana Card, Hana Life, Hana Capital, Hana Asset Trust, Hana Investors Services, Hana Financial Investment and Hana Savings Bank.


The group consolidated the infrastructure of 11 of these subsidiaries at an IBM data center in Korea. This move left them with 100+ maintenance and service contracts to be periodically renewed and reviewed. These contracts also involved 100 separate bills that Hana Financial Group had to manage. Managing that amount of bills was inconvenient and could often result in late payments. The group wanted to improve efficiency and eliminate the overhead involved with managing these contracts by consolidating its heterogeneous IT systems and data storage systems under more consistent processes.


Hana Financial Group brought in IBM TSS to provide Integrated Multivendor Support. IBM helped standardize the maintenance process for 11 affiliates by unifying multivendor datacenter management and reporting under a single point of contact. With this solution the group was able to consolidate invoices under a single contract in order to simplify administration. 

  • Reduced maintenance costs by 3% due to process standardization
  • 83% decrease in time spent waiting for replacement parts
  • Consolidates over 100 bills into a single bill, reducing the overhead required for vendor management
  • Improved its system stability and minimized unplanned downtime

If any of the business challenges Hana Financial Group faced sound familiar, we encourage you to contact Volta to have a quick conversation about whether a multi-vendor support solution is right for your organization.

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