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IBM QRadar is now on Cloud

Security managers are expected to protect their organizations against increasing cyber threats and insider attacks, while meeting compliance reporting demands and replacing aging solutions. They’re expected to do all of this with a limited team or in some cases, just themselves, which reveals a need to outsource, while also remaining in control. 

IBM QRadar is a security information and event management (SIEM) solution that helps you monitor the cloud for security breaches and compliance violations using advanced security analytics. With a flexible deployment architecture and connectors to popular cloud services, IBM QRadar Security Intelligence provides deep visibility of threats across both on-premise IT and hybrid cloud deployments.

Built for scale and efficiency. 

QRadar was built to scale out to the largest enterprises, or scale down to some of the smallest. IBM knows that organizations want to find out what’s going on quickly without spending a ton of time installing a new tool or maintaining it. Customers can put in QRadar and within hours find behaviors they didn’t even know about in their own environment. Different install and deployment options are available. QRadar can be deployed as an appliance, in a hybrid model or most recently, all the way in the cloud. 

Available in the cloud.

With the IBM QRadar platform now available in the cloud, you can benefit from true security information event management capabilities, including comprehensive log source data management. IBM experts will deploy the solution and manage the more mundane tasks, such as software configuration and implementation, ongoing maintenance, disaster recovery and technical support. It provides you with advanced threat detection and regulatory compliance reporting, and with its flexible monthly payment method you can replace capital assets on-premises gradually according to the changing needs of your business. 

Every security analyst out there would love nothing more than to have another security analyst at their beck and call helping them figure out what’s going on in real time. When it comes to security, IBM QRadar is one of the most comprehensive solutions you can find, and a great option for stepping into the security-as-a-service era.

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