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Enhancements to Volta CloudCopy for AIX

Volta continually focuses on helping our customers achieve higher levels of business continuity. We can assist in many ways, one of which is with automating regular backups of your business systems. We have mentioned our CloudCopy for AIX product before. Consequently we wanted to reiterate that we continue to make improvements to this software. As the name implies, it is a product that allows you to backup and recover your AIX system to the cloud. However, we have not forgotten where this technology started or where we started with it. The original product was called Backup and Recovery for AIX. It was capable of making the backup to tape, disk or RDX media. Although our product has evolved to support cloud, we continue to support these older backup mechanisms. Several of our most recent refinements are in these areas.

First, let’s examine a problem that a typical tape user may encounter. If you use LTO7 tape technology, for example, it is capable of storing about 6 TB of uncompressed data on a single tape. Now let’s suppose that you wanted to capture a typical mksysb backup to tape. Well, that might contain about 5-20 GB of data. That leaves a huge portion of the tape unused and some may think, unusable.

We believe in the old adage, “waste not, want not” and many of our customers do too. Consequently, we have incorporated a methodology to append data backups to the end of a mksysb image. Now, it is possible to make a compete backup of your entire system to tape automatically. It is possible to recover the operating system from the bootable image at the beginning of the tape and then recover the data volume groups in their entirety from the same tape. Of course, it is still possible to recover any individual file or directory from the tape as well. All of this is easy to accomplish using our intuitive menu system.

Improvements to VoltaCloudCopy for AIX

When you access the Backup and Restore Options Menu using tape as the target, you get a customizable menu. The menu allows you to inventory a tape so that you can see which volume groups are stored there, along with other important information. Information such as the date that they were created. You can position the tape to a particular image so that it is easy to select that volume group or an individual file or directory for retrieval, if desired.

Another important improvement is the ability to access and control your IBM Media Library Changer from the menu.

Improvements to VoltaCloudCopy for AIX

With this capability, you can completely control your Tape Library, move tapes to drives or back to slots, run tests, check out which tapes are in the library, etc.

There are many other improvements, under the covers kinds of things, like additional error trapping and logging.

If these capabilities seem like they might be right for your AIX systems, please give us a call.  We would be delighted to provide a demo or set up a proof of concept in your environment.


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