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Disaster Recovery as a Service

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Your clients depend on your business to be up and running for them. Most companies have redundancies built into their data centers which let them restore from backups, but disaster recovery goes further by protecting against natural and manmade disasters through the replication of an environment to a different geographical location. DR also involves thorough planning and testing so that processes are already there for recovering from a disaster, and so that your stakeholders know for absolute certain that the company can painlessly recover from an incident.

The larger and more complex the data center, the more difficult it is to implement and maintain an effective Disaster Recovery solution. It’s a bit of a paradox really. The longer an organization has been in business, the more dependable and reliable its image becomes. At the same time though, its IT infrastructure has very likely become more complex over years of upgrades, consolidations, M & A, legacy apps, etc. Disaster Recovery as a Service becomes an attractive solution at this point.

Disaster Recovery (DR) as a Service significantly reduces the burden of maintaining one or more secondary remote data centers. DR costs typically involve significant hardware and equipment maintenance expenses as well as labor costs for managing that second environment. Annual testing alone can put a huge strain on the whole IT department, especially if the DR solution in place isn’t all that dependable. Disaster Recovery as a Service transforms this burden into a regular operational expense with much less work time and stress for your IT staff.

Powered by Recovery Point Systems

Here are some of the reasons that Volta has partnered with Recovery Point Systems:

Long history of providing DRaaS

Recovery Point began business under First Federal Corporation in 1982. It has provided secure services to the Federal government since 1984, and became an independent privately held corporation in 1998. With 6 geographically dispersed facilities and 175,000 square feet of recovery and data storage resources,

Supports complex data center environments

Recovery Point is well-positioned to support heterogeneous configuration containing combinations of VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Open Virtual Format (OVF) VMs, as well as IBM AIX (LPARs), IBM iSeries LPARs and mainframe z/VMs, Linux on z and z/OS LPARs. As such, it is one of only a few providers with years of experience supporting large complex data center configurations.

100% uptime

Recovery Point’s highly scalable, low latency network has had 100% uptime since inception and it provides direct cross-connect access for customers to a large number of network carriers for interconnection and traffic exchange. In addition to enabling higher-capacity connections, this approach can reduce the negative replication throughput impact of end-to-end network latency.

Work Area at Facilities

During implementation and testing in particular, our IT staff will occasionally need to be on-site at the DR location. Recovery Point Systems makes this time relatively painless by offering:

  • Private management offices
  • Strategy rooms with voice/data connections
  • Conference rooms with voice/data connections and cable television
  • Kitchens and lounges
  • Copiers and fax machines
  • Virtual end-user positions – deployed anywhere

Our Results

UPS as a Service for Finance

A community-based bank with 26 branch locations throughout Kentucky and Ohio, was struggling to maintain old UPS devices across various remote sites. Volta was in the right place, at the right time to assist them in replacing UPS devices that failed within weeks of each other.

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