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Strategic Technologies, Trusted Support


Technology is complicated. The possibilities are endless. Volta helps our clients make the most strategic choices from among the many options available to extract the most value from their IT budget over the long haul. Our technical team assists our clients with trusted support to achieve peak performance for their systems.


Volta calls to mind Alessandro Volta, 18th century Italian scientist and inventor of the battery. We admire his pioneering spirit and drive to understand energy, making discoveries about the properties of electricity upon which every technology we provide depends.

Volta is also is a literary term which refers to the turning point of a poem, especially a sonnet, in which the path to resolution begins. Thus Volta represents energy and agility but also a sense of history and stability in a time when many companies are at turning points in their relationships with technology.


Volta Inc. has its roots in DMD Data Systems, founded in 1996 by Dave Sevigny. After beginning his career as an engineer for IBM’s printer division in Lexington, Kentucky, he moved into IT sales. When IBM sold its printer operations Dave had the opportunity to start his own company as an IBM Business Partner. His core clients were Kentucky’s K-12 school districts, to which he was assigned in his IBM days.

In 2003 he started growing the business and expanding coverage into state and local government and higher education. In 2010, DMD Data Systems named the Small Business of the Year by Commerce Lexington, and Dave Sevigny was awarded the Small Business Person of the Year award for the state of Kentucky in 2011. The company had grown to 25 employees by 2016, its 20th anniversary year.

Midway through 2016, Marshall Butler became DMD Data Systems’ President, with Dave Sevigny in the role as Chief Operating Officer. DMD’s shareholders decided that it was time for the company to rebrand with a new identity which captures the spirit of the current technological age and its new leadership. In August of 2017, DMD Data Systems was reimagined and relaunched as Volta, Inc.



Every day, we are entrusted not only with our clients’ IT systems but with care for those with whom we interact, our community and environment.


We treat our clients and each other fairly, not taking advantage of others. We routinely advocate for our clients to ensure they are being treated fairly by our manufacturer partners.


Technology issues don’t only happen between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. We respond
to client issues around the clock to keep mission-critical systems running.


+ Healthcare
+ Retail Distribution
+ Financial Services
+ Professional Services
+ Transportation
+ Manufacturing
+ IT Service Providers
+ Education
+ State and Local Government


+ Under Armour
+ Select Medical
+ General Cable
+ Recovery Point Systems
+ UK Healthcare
+ University of Louisville
+ Lexington Fayette Urban County Government 
+ KY Commonwealth Office of Technology

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