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Volta Contracts

The Finance and Administration Cabinet of the Commonwealth of Kentucky has pre-negotiated the following technology contracts with Volta, which offer deep discounts for hardware, software, maintenance, and services from trusted manufacturers and suppliers. Public entities in the Commonwealth are eligible to use these contracts for procurement in lieu of soliciting and processing their own RFPs.


Volta Commonwealth of Kentucky Contracts
Manufacturer/Supplier, Contract name KY Master Agreement # Master Contract # HW SW Maint. Svcs.
UPS Monitoring Services, Maintenance, and Support MA 758 1600000977 X X
NetApp NASPO MA 758 1600000452 MNWNC-121 X X X
Dell EMC NASPO MA 758 1600000490 MNWNC-109 X X X
IBM NASPO MA 758 1600000453 MNWNC-116 X X X
Lenovo NASPO MA 758 1700000939 MNWNC-135 X X X X
Lenovo KETS Server, Storage, and Services MA 758 1600000871 X  X X
Extreme Networks NASPO MA 758 1400000876 AR1470 X X X X
Cisco NASPO MA 758 1400000876 AR233 X X X X


Additional Competitively-Bid Contracts
Manufacturer/Supplier, Contract name KY Master Agreement # Master Contract # HW SW Maint. Svcs.
Cisco GSA GSA GS-35F-0349S X X X X
Dell EMC GSA GSA GS-35F-05117 X X X X
VMware [MHEC – Midwestern Higher Education Compact with Arrow ECS] MHEC-021213 X X X
A10, AWS, Brocade, Catalogic Software, Cisco, Cristie Software, Dell, Eaton, EMC, Exabeam, Exclaimer Software, Extreme Networks, F5, IBM, KnowBe4, Lenovo, ManageEngine, Microsoft, NetApp, Netskope, Okta, Proofpoint, Pure Storage, Recovery Point Systems, Red Hat, Rimini Street, Rocket Software, SentinelOne, Spinnaker, Veeam, VMware, Volta Consulting, Technical, and Training Services, Zerto WKU 553 X X X X

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