Unsanctioned SaaS Protection

Cloud Security with Netskope

A Holistic Cloud Security Strategy

Unsanctioned apps are a critical aspect of a holistic cloud security strategy. While they may be important for business productivity, they bring risks in the form of new avenues for malware and advanced threats. Additionally, they bring the risk of data exposure by accident or intent. Since IT lacks access to these apps, and does not desire administration rights, they lose visibility and control. Subsequently, they have to deal with the situation using legacy security tactics like blocking at the perimeter or the endpoint. This not only presents technical challenges, but also business challenges, given how the adoption of these unmanaged apps help the business.


Securing these apps starts with the ability to direct all cloud traffic to the Netskope Cloud where full SSL decryption and traffic decoding is provided in real-time using CloudXD. The result is granular visibility and real-time control of the user activities and data in motion. Netskope does this for THOUSANDS of cloud services. Netskope’s inline controls are browser agnostic and provide the same level of security for sync clients, desktop apps and mobile apps. This is especially important because over 50% of cloud traffic is accessed by a non-browser method.

Netskope’s Advanced DLP

Netskope’s advanced DLP is another key differentiator. It has the ability to apply DLP controls to thousands of cloud services using advanced features. Features like exact data match, document fingerprinting, OCR, proximity analysis, and advanced Boolean logic. This delivers more accurate detection of sensitive data with fewer false positives.

And finally, Netskope provides full cloud discovery to understand overall cloud usage and correlate it to risk. This was the original CASB concept when the goal was to find shadow IT and block it. However, the market has matured beyond this and blocking is no longer a viable solution. A more realistic approach is to allow end users to leverage the cloud apps they need to do their job but apply the necessary security controls to mitigate risk.

  • Direct all cloud traffic to Netskope to decrypt SSL and decode activities
  • Real-time control of data in motion to thousands of cloud services
  • Protect sensitive data with precision with advanced DLP
  • Discover cloud services in use and assess risk


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