Matt Griffin

Sales Architect

Matt's Bio

Matt Griffin joined the Volta team as a Sales Architect in 2017. Matt came to Volta from EMC, where he had the opportunity to experience the sales side of our industry. He’s a classic problem solver, which is perhaps why he was so drawn to the tech industry, a path divergent from the Biology degree he received from University of Louisville. Jumping onto the 90’s tech boom, Matt got his professional start at ACS Government Systems. He gained most of his IT knowledge on the job, and is mostly self-taught. At ACS he had the opportunity to travel to China as a consultant for the China Three Gorges Dam Project, which is the largest hydroelectric dam in the world.

Matt is one of those people who believes that there’s no question that can’t be answered, and no problem that can’t be solved with the proper amount of research. He won’t jump to a conclusion without doing the appropriate amount of research first, which is a great trait to have in our industry. Investing in strong research practices goes hand-in-hand with honesty and integrity.

What advice would you give a candidate who wants to join our team? Keep your hands and feet away from Darrell at all times.

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