Lucas Maupin

Security Systems Engineer

Lucas's Bio

Lucas has 4 years of experience performing networking and systems administration for small to enterprise level businesses across diverse industries. He has gained expertise in various areas in the information technology space; from Office 365 administration and administering Windows servers, to information security. Since his arrival at Volta, Lucas has endeavored to provide insight into our clients’ processes and to learn how to leverage them to be more efficient and protected against internal and external threats by using next-generation security technologies.

In his free time, Lucas loves to discover hiking trails around Kentucky with his fiancé.  When not adventuring outdoors, he enjoys playing video games on his PC or his newly purchased Nintendo Switch. His favorite games are in the adventure genre. Dark Souls or Zelda: Breath of the Wild are right up his alley. Lucas also has a lab environment at home where he can brush up his tech skills.

What’s your favorite tech gadget? That’s a hard one… I would say that for convenience and practicality it would have to be my Google Pixel 2 smartphone, specifically for the squeeze to enable Google Assistant. It’s for when I don’t want to look like a crazy person in public and scream, “Okay Google” to nobody in particular. I squeeze the phone and say a phrase and it will search, activate maps, text a friend, or just make a call.

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