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Storage Resource Management Solutions Enable Pro-Activity

During a recent Volta meeting Darrell shared his weekend experience of cleaning and organizing his garage. It was difficult and time-consuming, he told us. After it was done, it was like the garage was part of a different house entirely. He knew where everything was, and there was more space than before. You have probably had the same experience. You know what it’s like to get this sort of job started. And how it can lead to grumbling and confrontation among family members. There is satisfaction when it’s over, but you know you’ll have to do it again before too long.

Scan your storage!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a resource which would scan your storage, tell you what you have and where it is, keep a log of everything in a database, and keep track of to whom it all belongs? Maybe have some self-enforcing rules-based quotas which would make it very clear when someone had reached their limit? A resource to do this admittedly quite boring job accurately and uncomplainingly, providing reports and spotting trends so you can manage storage issues before they get out of hand?

Resource management solutions.

Provide data to prove that no, you really don’t need to build an additional shed out back, you just need less stuff. A resource that’s not on the payroll, so you don’t have to compensate them, keep them motivated, and look for their replacement when they quickly move on to more satisfying work? Storage Resource Management solutions do just that for your data center. They efficiently monitor your environment and give you the data you need to be proactive instead of reactive.

Insight tracking

Storage Resource Management solutions are increasingly full of features. Top-rated solutions continually gather data from all storage including SANs and NAS from multiple vendors and operating systems. They identify new storage objects as they come online and add them to a database. This tracks a variety of metrics so that insights  from the historical data and future trends can be predicted. Capacity and quota management, performance management, and charge-backs to lines of business can be handled with ease. Event management features predict disk failure and alert of impending space constraints. Reporting and configuration management, provisioning, and workload automation activities require less time and effort so can be done more often.

NetApp OnCommand Insight

A highly recommended Storage Resource Management solution is NetApp OnCommand Insight. OCI provides real-time, multivendor, multiprotocol service-level views and analytics for your storage environment. This agentless software enables you to manage storage infrastructure with low deployment and administrative costs. OnCommand Insight tracks performance in terms of the end-to-end services delivered, effectively integrating storage into the larger IT service-delivery chain. The actionable information it provides can be used by storage teams as well as IT management to improve operational effectiveness and reduce costs. Well-designed and easy-to-use, you will gain so much value from OCI that you will shortly wonder what you did without it. Contact us for a demo or POC.

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