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Volta CloudCopy: Secure backups to AWS S3

Volta CloudCopy for AIX is a robust AIX Backup and Recovery solution which facilitates secure AIX backups to AWS S3. If you have been looking for an economical and easy-to-use backup and recovery solution for AIX, look no further!

Volta CloudCopy eliminates the problems common to tape archives.

Any mechanical solution is more failure-prone than a non-mechanical one. And, being linear, restoring from tape takes a lot of time. The handling of physical tapes is time-consuming and error-prone, and unless you are storing tapes securely off-site, rotating them regularly, your lack of geographic diversity for your data can place your organization at risk. With Volta CloudCopy, your data are stored in S3 in any of AWS’s data centers.

Your data is encrypted at your site before being sent over the network to the public cloud.

AWS-256-CBC is the default encryption method used by Volta CloudCopy. If you have another encryption method which you prefer, the solution may be customized. The encrypted data are useless without your generated key.

Automated backups to AWS S3 are performed regularly by Volta CloudCopy

Unattended backups of your rootvg (mksysb) and data volume groups are done at the intervals you specify. You can also create mksysb and data backups on demand.

Receive alerts by text and/or email

Systems administrators can receive text or email alerts advising to the success or failure of backup processes.

Volta CloudCopy’s Interactive menu system facilitates easy restores and file recovery

With the interactive menu, you can search the backup image for file or directory names or patterns in the names. Mark files or directories for restoration rather than typing them in.

View output of backup processes and logs

Volta CloudCopy keeps logs of when backups were initiated and their status, as well as the output of the job.

No separate server is required to run the backup software.

Volta CloudCopy requires only free space of at least twice as much space as is consumed by the largest data volume group.

System requirements

The solution requires AIX be at or above these levels:
AIX 61 TL9 SP6
AIX 71 TL4
AIX 72

Contact Volta for a hands-on demo or to purchase a license.

Watch these videos to learn more about Volta CloudCopy:

Volta CloudCopy: Backups on Demand

Volta CloudCopy: Complete Recovery

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