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People make mistakes; therefore a good backup and recovery solution is a necessity. Customers and staff expect to be able to quickly revert back to a previously saved version of a file in case of accidental deletion or data corruption. Time is money, and generating data takes time, therefore lost data equals lost productivity and lost money. If customer data is lost, intangible costs are also incurred, like loss of goodwill and reputation.

There are more ways to accomplish Backup and Recovery than there are infrastructure systems and many ways to evaluate a Backup and Recovery solution. Does your backup solution require the expense of a duplicate set of hardware? Can backups run frequently enough to assure that no data are lost? Are SLA’s met? Are backups stored off-site or in the cloud? Is recovery smooth and quick? Are backups easy to manage? Newer backup solutions are more efficient and easier to manage.

Newer backup solutions are more efficient and effective, taking less staff time and less storage space while providing quick rollbacks should error or corruption occur. If you are evaluating backup and recovery solutions, consult with Volta. We provide many options and can explain how they compare to help you find the best solution for your needs.

Volta Geographic Logical Volume Manager Utilities for AIX

Volta has developed a set of tools for IBM’s AIX Operating System to protect your data with real time replication to a remote site.


  • IBM ProtecTIER Deduplication Appliance
  • IBM ProtecTIER Deduplication Gateway
  • IBM Spectrum Archive Software
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Software
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Software
  • IBM Tape Automation
  • IBM Tape Drives


  • EMC Avamar Deduplication Backup Software and System
  • EMC Data Domain Deduplication Appliance
  • EMC Networker Backup Software


  • Veeam Backup and Replication Software for Virtual Machines


  • Netapp AltaVault Cloud-Integrated Backup Appliance


  • VMware Data Protection for Virtual Machines


  • Lenovo Tape Solutions

Coming soon: VoltaWare Toolbox for AIX

Backup AIX to AWS with Volta CloudCopy
VoltaMirror for AIX
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