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Power infrastructure is the lifeblood of your business. Don’t let UPS devices be the weak link. With UPSaaS from Volta, we own, monitor, and maintain them for you; a perfect fit for organizations with many remote sites or branch offices.

Are your UPS’s getting the attention they deserve?

UPS’s are frequently overlooked. They can last for years if properly maintained, but they aren’t maintenance-free. Their batteries, fans, and electrolytic capacitors must be serviced regularly. After enduring brutal power spikes and surges to protect your infrastructure, damage to the UPS’s filter/rectifier side must be repaired before they are able to fulfill that role again.

IT staff typically have so much on their to-do lists that UPS care gets put off. This is especially true for remote offices. Assessing, servicing, and replacing UPS’s in branch and remote offices is a big job.

UPS as a Service from Volta reduces the chance of downtime.

Keeping UPS devices in continuous proper working order helps to prevent downtime and the costs associated with that downtime. With UPS as a Service, the engineers at Volta assess, maintain, refresh, test, calibrate, and monitor UPS devices for main data center and for branch office locations.

UPS as a Service turns capital expense into operating expense for budgeting and ease.

The cost of a large-scale UPS rollout include purchasing the units, travel costs, power management software costs, and training costs. This adds up to a big expense and takes a lot of your IT staff’s time. Instead of handling this project in-house, the next time you need to do a UPS refresh consider Volta’s UPS as a Service. In place of large capital expenses, your organization can pay an affordable monthly fee per device. Because Volta owns the hardware, procurement and asset-tagging headaches are minimized.

More than

UPS units under management by Volta

Don’t let your racks go unprotected! Contact us today for your complimentary power assessment.

Real business outcomes.

Learn how Volta implemented UPS as a Service for a consolidated state agency.

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