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SIEM & Security Monitoring

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is the practice of centrally collecting logs of events/alarms that are generated by security controls and infrastructure throughout the business, then applying correlation and analytics to draw useful conclusions that we might not see from a single vantage point. Volta can offer SIEM with ELK/ElasticStack, a powerful open-source solution leveraged by companies like Cisco and Verizon for their own SIEM needs.

Example of ELK dashboards include:

  • Failed logins
  • Scanning activity
  • VPN Logins and Alerts
  • Traffic Geolocation Map
  • Server and Application log-driven alerts
  • Netflow Traffic Summary Dashboard
  • IPS Signature matches
  • Malware detections
  • Email and Web policy alerts

Our Results

  • Security as a Service

    A large multifaceted organization, Louisville Water Company didn’t have enough skilled security personnel to monitor their environment 24-7-365. Volta established Software as a Service for security and network devices in their environment.

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