Extended Detection & Response = Next Generation Defense

Attack surfaces are constantly changing and even with a sprawl of point security solutions on every endpoint, there are still blindspots in need of coverage. Use Cases of Extended Detection & Response (XDR):

  • Identifies advanced threats that are difficult to locate
  • Tracks suspicious activity traversing multiple subnets
  • Massively improves detection and response speed
  • Investigates threats much more thoroughly 


Uncover the full power of XDR. Download the datasheet for a more in-depth look at Volta’s approach.

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With an XDR solution, data collection is not limited to endpoints. Volta’s XDR platform collects telemetry data across all layers in order to detect and hunt for unknown threats and assist in root cause analysis.


Stealthy threats hide in the spaces between siloed off endpoints or seldom-used solutions disconnected from the main security platform. XDR offers unmatched threat detection.


EDR solutions defend data on endpoints, while XDR can remediate and remove threats across entire environments. In an XDR engagement with Volta, response time is reduced to about 5 seconds.

How does Volta provide XDR?

Volta engineers have been working for 4 years to custom-build an XDR platform. Our branded solution includes endpoint management plus custom programming and scripting to make a collection of disparate security products operate as a security mesh.

Volta also provides XDR through the installation of one native security stack from our world class partnerships. If your organization is well-positioned for this approach, utilizing a highly integrated vendor stack can bring significant advantages to your security posture.

How does Volta XDR stack up?

Check out the blog to better understand how XDR differs from other solutions in Volta’s security platform.

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