Sanctioned SaaS Protection

Cloud Security with Netskope

Sanctioned apps are unique because they offer an out-of-band API. Netskope currently supports API controls for about 20 of the most popular enterprise apps. Examples are Office 365, Box, Salesforce, ServiceNow and more. 

The top use case for SaaS protection among organizations is to get visibility into these cloud services, protect data-at-rest using Netskope’s Advanced DLP, and prevent unauthorized sharing. In addition, many organizations are using API controls to scan for malware and other threats, which are increasingly making their way into the cloud.

Companies also have the option of adding real-time controls for sanctioned cloud services to protect data-in-motion. This is especially important when users download files and attempt to upload them to other cloud services including unsanctioned services.

  • API-based controls for top enterprise cloud services
  • View activities and protect data at rest in IT-led cloud services
  • Detect threats in sanctioned cloud services
  • Real-time controls for data in motion

Learn more about Netskope’s Secure Web Gateway. 

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