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We have created several branded products to fit our customers’ security and back up needs.


Enable business continuity and meet SLAs for disaster recovery by making use of the replication technology you already own. Using menus and scripts, VoltaMirror extends the volume group to include remote site, mirrors the logical volumes, and synchronizes them as long as desired.

+ Cost-effective because it builds on native AIX capabilities you are already paying for.

+ Different storage systems can be used at the two sites.

+ Replication can be synchronous or asynchronous.

+ Scripting speeds initiate failover process and reduces error.

+ Data easily re-synched to main production site when back online.


Volta CloudCopy for AIX is a robust AIX Backup and Recovery solution which facilitates secure AIX backups to AWS S3. If you have been looking for an economical and easy-to-use backup and recovery solution for AIX, look no further! The solution requires AIX be at or above these levels:

+ AIX 61 TL9 SP6

+ AIX 71 TL4

+ AIX 72


We often hear about huge companies getting hacked and customer information being stolen, such as the login names and passwords to e-mail and other accounts. You have probably noticed these companies shoring up their security with Dual Factor or Multi Factor authentication mechanisms. We have created a Dual Factor Authentication Solution for AIX to meet rising security concerns. It consists of two major parts:

+ Code traps the attempted login. If the username and password is correct, the system then sends a text message with a completely random phrase to the user’s cell phone.

+ A menu system allows the system administrator to add and delete users from the authorized user database, as well as view the activities log and session log.

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